About Us

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Our Vision

The vision of our company is to create spaces that enhance quality of life. We are committed to ensuring that our offerings are revolutionary, ahead of the times, benchmarked against best trends & practices and built around our discerning customers' needs. We ensure that the ecosystem we operate in, the society/project around and all people who experience, engage or align with any aspect of the spaces we create, truly feel the differentiation and positive impact on quality of life.


Transparency breeds trust. By being fair, open and honest in all our property dealings, we create the necessary environment for sustained growth of our organization, built on mutual growth and trust.


A diverse, diligent and qualified workforce, driven by team-spirit, represents our abiding strength to co-create a positive and forward-looking future.

Our Team

Anand Rananavare


Ar.Dhairyasheel Powar

Architect & Interior Designer

Unitechture LLP, Pune


Mahesh Khumbhojkar

Sttructural Eng.


Adv. Pravin Deshpande

Legal Consultants

Profound Legal Services LLP


Rajesh S. Shinde

Company Secretary

Pawar Samant & Chartered Accountants


Mayur Kulkarni

Publicity Design